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The redcurrants are coming!

I was pretty excited to see that the redcurrants have started the turn pink.

redcurrantsLast year, we had a mega bumper crop of redcurrants. I’m hoping that this year, we will do as well, if not better.

Even as a total novice (and a bit useless) gardener, I’ve got to say that redcurrants are pretty much foolproof. I’m amazed at how well they grow and how little attention they need. Plus, they don’t take up too much room, so perfect if you have a teeny garden.

So, I’m looking forward to harvesting these beauties when they are bright, shiny and red. I’ve planned to make some sorbet, some jam with the ones that don’t get eaten straight away.

Go on, grab a redcurrant bush & give them a go. You’ll love it!

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