Smart BBQ Side-Dish Swaps

Unless you choose griddled chicken breast & a green salad, BBQs can be a calorie minefield.

Typical BBQ sides include coleslaw, pasta salad, cous cous, sweetcorn, potato salad & bean salad. Whilst these can all be full of yummy veggies, they also tend to be crammed with mayo-based dressings or oil/butter.

By making your own sides, rather than buying them in, you can control what goes in to them, without compromising on taste – I mean, have you *tried* low-fat shop bought coleslaw?! Ewwwww!

Try these three options at your next BBQ & save on calories and fat…


Swap the shop bought stuff for this homemade version. Crammed with veggies and made with a fat free yoghurt. A high fibre, high taste, fat free alternative.

Fat free coleslaw

Fat free coleslaw

This version had a head of fennel, 2 carrots, 1 red onion, a handful of radishes & half a head of broccoli (florets & stalk) in it. The carrots & broccoli stalk were grated & the rest of the veggies were super finely sliced. The dressing was a few good spoons of 0% fage greek yoghurt, the juice of half a lemon & some dried dill. Mix well & season to taste.

Potato Salad:

Swap out the mayo coated BBQ staple for this low-fat, tasty option.

Low-fat Potato Salad

Low-fat Potato Salad

By using a mix of baby new potatoes & a large sweet potato, the GI of this salad is reduced, making this salad filling for longer & helping to stave off the second/third/fourth helpings. The potatoes have been chopped and roasted in just  tsp of olive oil, a little seasoning & some dried lovage (use any dried herb here, I just love the savoury taste of lovage). Roast up, then throw over the juice of 1 lemon, some sea salt flakes, some finely chopped chilli & some fresh chopped mint. It is important that you get the lemon juice on as soon as they come out of the oven, otherwise the potatoes won’t soak it all up & become yummy!


I beg of you to never ever buy shop bought guacamole. It just ISN’T guacamole. It is gross & tastes bland and slimy! Many shop bought versions are actually made using powdered avocado, that is mixed in to a mayo base, so actually pretty grim & full of the wrong fats. Try this fresh version – it literally takes 5 minutes to make and tastes so so much better.

Fresh Guacamole

Fresh Guacamole

This bowl full of deliciousness used 2 ripe avocados, 2 small tomatoes, 2 spring onions, 1 fresh chilli,  lime & some sea salt. Here is a top tip for your guac – spoon out the avocado flesh in to a bowl & then use an apple corer to mash it – go on, try it! It takes seconds to mash and also means you can keep it chunky. Finely slice everything else, juice the lime right in to the bowl, add in a pinch of sea salt, mix & taste. Try also adding some chopped fresh corrainder, or a pinch of cumin or paprika – delicious!

Go ahead and try these swaps out at your next BBQ & feel smug about your healthier choices – it also means you saved enough macros for that dessert! 😉

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