Nakd Bars, My Saviour.

So, I get through A LOT of these. Really, a serious amount of them.

nakdIn a bid to shift 5 stone (yes, you read that right FIVE STONE) of post baby, cake and wine induced lard, I have taken to exercising and eating healthily. Read: no days of golden arches for every meal, washed down with 4bottles of wine and gin.

I tend to be very good at this healthy business for about 4 months & then it usually goes down the pan. This time, I have stuck at it since the start of the year & not really feeling like I’m missing out.

I reckon that nakd bars have been the secret.

These dudes come in every flavour ever – apple, rhubarb and custard, pecan pie, cocoa orange (heavenly), mint choc, berry etc. My new faves of theirs are the protein crunch bars – if you like the taste of banana, you HAVE to try the yellow variety, so so sooooo good.

Most bars come in at around 100-135Kcals, give or take, but they actually fill you up. There are no nasties hiding in there, they are dairy, wheat and gluten free, suitable for veggies too. They are just delicious sticks of squished dates, nuts and a few other bits and bobs.

Try also their delicious cola flavour raisins – if you like cola bottles, you are in for a (less than 70kcal) treat!

I follow their facebook page to get all the best deals and offers when they pop up & then order in bulk – wouldn’t wanna run out now, eh?!

*This is not a sponsored post, I just really really love them!*

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2 thoughts on “Nakd Bars, My Saviour.

  1. Carly

    Hello! I first tried the Nakd bars after seeing a photo of them on your instagram earlier this year and now I’m completely hooked on them! My absolute favourites are cookie cashew, coco orange and berry. Honestly they have been my saviour after finding out I am gluten intolerant – on top of already being a vegetarian I really struggled to find anything to eat at first. So thank you Charlie 🙂 I will be trying out more of your recommendations for sure xo

    1. thetwist Post author

      Oh fab! So pleased that you found them, they are just brilliant! You’ll be pleased to know that I’ve got loads of other products to blog about that I’ve really enjoyed & almost all of them are gluten free and veggie or vegan – win win! Thanks for reading!


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