Chia Seed Pudding – Recipe

Try this recipe out for an easy breakfast, snack or dessert.

chia seed puddingThis *slightly* odd pudding is super easy to make, it is filling and packed omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, minerals, protein and fibre. The perfect ‘diet’ food. Also vegan!

Whilst the texture is similar to that of cold rice pudding (try to ignore that bit), it is a great base to add toppings to for a healthy breakfast alternative. The flavour is slightly nutty and a little bit sweet. I chose to add half a medium banana, half a cup of blueberries and a teeny drizzle of raw forest honey.

Give it a shot and see what you think, here is the recipe (serves 4):

Here is the easy bit… chuck all the ingredients in to a bowl, mix well, cover & refrigerate overnight. Wake up the next morning, give a really good mix, scoop out a portion and top with whatever you fancy!

mix chia puddingphoto 3 (3)Other toppings that I might give a go are, peanut butter and banana, pineapple and coconut, granola and raspberry.

If it helps anyone out, I transferred the recipe in to myfitnesspal and the values came up at (per serving); 152kcals, 7.1g fat (0.3g sat), 92.1mg sodium, 141.9mg potassium, 16.9g carbs (8.1g fibre, 7.7g sugars), 4.8g protein.

Give it a go, try it out, let me know what you think of it & feel free to share the recipe around!

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